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Integration with X-Cart (ver. 5+) is made by placing the sale tracking script into the order confirmation page.
Find the template file
Find and open file \var\run\skins\default\en\checkout\success\parts\invoice.tpl.php.
If you use a custom skin which has it's own checkout\success\parts\invoice.tpl.php file then you have to integrate that one.
Order tracking
Put the following code to the end of the file:
If you want to track email use this variable:

If you want to track currency use this variable:

Per product tracking
If you want to track your order per product, you have to use this code:
Please note the per product integration does not include any discounts. The price of each product is a basic one, multiplied with product quantity ordered.
Do not forget to integrate your pages with the click tracking code.

Code Placement

6 years ago Terry Zahn
I installed the 4.4.2 version of X-Cart. The "order_message.tpl" file was located in "/skins/common_files/customer/main/order_message.tpl". Hope this works and is the correct place. I found the <br><br><br><br> and placed it directly after. Each "<br>" was on a separate line, therefore a search all for <br><br><br><br> yielded nothing. It was not until I physically searched for it did I locate it. Please let me know if this is correct.