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You can find more info about the plugin in the plugin website (link below).

Our plugin currently supports these features:
  • click tracking integration
  • affiliate sign-up integration
  • Top affiliates widget
  • affiliate shortcodes
The plugin automatically integrates with:
  • Integration with Contact form 7
  • Integration with JotForm
  • Integration with WooCommerce
Get the plugin
Go to plugin home page, and download it from there.

You can find installation instructions here. Extended setup guide can be found here.

Sales tracking plugin solutions

3 years ago Henman
For PAP to track sales with Wordpress you need to install a shopping cart plugin in WP which is compatible with PAP, such as WordPress-eCommerce (now GetShopped I think) or Woocommerce or similar. Then make sure you also add the required code for your shopping cart choice from the integration page on this site.

I've used WooCommerce before and is simple and intuitive to use but I am leaning towards GetShopped at the moment because there are more standard features available out the box. Both shopping carts have a range of add-on extensions available at reasonable cost which lets you really extend the functionality and customization of the shopping carts. Hope this helps!

Martin, on that note, how come the WP-ecommerce integration code listed still only caters for versions that are three years old, with no comprehensive explanations for newer versions, other than a user who mentioned something in the comments? It doesn't inspire a lot of confidence... please include updated code for newer versions of the shopping cart as well. Thanks.

wordpress plugin

2 years ago Robert Wheeler
Wordpress is the most widely adopted CMS out there, and you have an outdated plugin with little documentation. What gives?

The plugin is up to date

5 months ago Martin Pullmann
If you navigate to the plugin website, you will see the plugin is up to date with the latest WP.