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SolidTrustPay (custom field used for other data)

SolidTrustPay integrates using SolidTrustPay IPN notifications.

To integrate with SolidTrustPay, you need SolidTrustPay plugin which is distributed with PAP by default.

Note you have to follow these steps only in case all your custom user variables (user1, user2, ... , user10) are used by your script.
Activate the plugin
Right after you activate SolidTrustPay plugin, you need to setup it. Login to your merchant panel. Go to menu Start->Plugins. Now click Configure button in SolidTrustPay plugin item. Here you must setup number of custom item. This represents number of item (1 to 10) which will be carrying visitor information for PAP. Next thing, you must set, is your secondary password from your SolidTrustPay merchant account (you enter this when you register new SolidTrustPay account). Set separator field (default value is ||). This is string, that will be separating your original data and data for PAP. Be sure that your original data in user field do not contains separator string. Now click Save to save your settings.
Update your code
You must now update all your SolidTrustPay button codes. Here is an example of original code generated by SolidTrustPay:
Note: number 1 in item named user1 is number, that you entered in step one as Number of custom item.
Add tracking code
Now you must add to every page that contains some SolidTrustPay buttons this tracking code:
If you use MD5 security hash, then make sure the 'secondary password' that you use in it is also set up in the plugin configuration.

You can find more info about SolidTrustPay integration here.