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Shop-Script 5 (Webasyst)

Emerging PHP ecommerce framework that helps you increase sales. Feature-rich PHP shopping cart solution & ecommerce framework developed in 2013—2014. One of the leading shopping cart solutions of Russia.

The integration is done by a tracking script directly placed into the store design section. You can track total cost, order ID, per product items and currency.
per order tracking
Login to your admin area of Shop-Script 5 and navigate to Shop (the top icon) and then to Storefronts tab.
In the list of files find checkout.success.html and place the tracking code above this line:
{if !empty($payment)}
Save your work and you are done. Order will be tracked now.
per product tracking
In case you want to track orders per product (into different campaigns) you have to use the following code instead of the one from the first step.
That's it. Your store has been integrated.
Do not forget to integrate your cart with the click tracking code - you can use the design section again, place the click tracking code to the index.html file.