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Modular Merchant

Modular Merchant is an eCommerce Shopping cart software for every kind of product - shipped goods, digital delivery and subscription services. The integration method uses its built in templates.

You can track order ID, products details, coupon code and customer email.
Order tracking (per sale)
It is possible to customize the design of the order confirmation (or "checkout receipt") page by editing the corresponding template in the Template Package Sandbox, located at Design> Template Package Sandbox. The template that the corresponds to the checkout receipt page is checkout_receipt.tpl, and it may be necessary to first add that template to the current template package, using the Populate tool ( http://kb.modularmerchant.com/populate-templates-a741.php )

When editing the checkout_receipt.tpl file switch to 'Plain Text Editor' and find:

Add this code above that line:
Save your changes and that's it.
Per product integration
If you want to integrate per product commissions, just use this code instead of the one from the first step:
That's it. Now your shop is integrated.
Do not forget to integrate you shop with the click tracking code. You can use template editor as well.