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Magento is a snazzy, open source store front.

Magento plugin is ready and you can download it from the official Magento Commerce site.

Most common problems with the plugin (and it's solutions):
Basic settings
If tracking does not work, make sure the plugin (System> Configuration> Post Affiliate Pro - in left menu) is configured correctly:
  • API username and API password is are your merchant panel credentials, must work!
  • Domain Name (no http) and Install Directory has to match your installation URL, follow the example
  • check if Track Clicks and Track Sales is set to Yes
  • check if API file version (Magento lib/PAP/ directory) is the same version as your Post Affiliate Pro is (see merchant panel Tools> Integration> API integration> Download API file).
  • check if Post Affiliate Pro or Post Affiliate Network is available via HTTPS://
    This is a basic requirement of Magento connector.
    It means that you need to install an SSL certificate for the domain where Post Affiliate Pro or Post Affiliate Network is installed.
NOTE: Hosted solutions of Post Affiliate Pro and Post Affiliate Network (xxxx.postaffiliatepro.com)  are available via HTTPS:// by default.
Advanced settings
Navigate to System> Configuration> Advanced in Advanced section in left menu. Find Mage_Pap and make sure it is Enabled.
If it is still not working, refresh you Magento Cache.
Custom themes and other modules interaction
HTML compression - this module is known for interaction with tracking codes. Please disable it, so the PAP connector can work.

In case of custom themes, the most common problem is that there are missing block calls. What you have to check is your theme layout files and theme template files if there are before_body_end blocks (in app/design/frontend/base/YOUR_CUSTOM_THEME/template/page/ and app/design/frontend/base/YOUR_CUSTOM_THEME/layout/ )... If you cannot find it there, just see app/design/frontend/default/ directory to find the default file and see how the before_body_end block looks like.
Mage registry key "_singleton/pap/observer" already exists
In case you are getting this, or similar "registry key already exists" error after installing the Magento connector plugin, there are few steps which might fix this.

We struggled for a while to find a solution to completely get rid of this error, but finally fixed it and these are the steps you should take:
1. login to your FTP and remove content of var/cache/ and var/session/
2. if the above did not help, edit file includes/config.php and if there is a line starting with define change it to #define.
3. now logout, remove the cache and sessions again and then login again

In case these steps did not help you either, please contact us.
Magento keeps recording some weird data into Extra Data 1 field of transaction (commission)

If you set the "Use Lifetime Referrals" to "Yes", then magento connector will automatically record the customer's ID into the Extra Data 1 field of transaction (commission). 

But if you set the "Use Lifetime Referrals" to "No", then magento connector will record into the Extra Data1 field of transaction (commission) the value of your variable that you defined in the "Custom Data 1" when configuring the Post Affiliate Pro extension inside the Magento Admin panel.
If there is a problem and you cannot see any error report, you can check errors in Magento files - in var/report/

can't access magento extension page

1 years ago ed

I want to install post affiliate pro magento extension,but the page can't be accessed:http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/post-affiliate-pro-connector.html

The Quality Unit offical extension is developing?when and where it will be released?