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The integration method integrates Guru's payment method PayPal.
PayPal button modification 1
The first step is to modify the paypal button which is generated by Guru - find the file /components/com_guru/helpers/form.creator.php and find this line:
$hidden .= "<input type='hidden' id='{$params['id']}' name='{$params['name']}' value='{$params['value']}'>\n";

change it to this:

PayPal button modification 2
Now find this line:
return $form;

and add this code above it:
Save your work.
PayPal request redirect
The information will be sent back to your Joomla when payment is paid, so we have to make sure the info is also sent to your Post Affiliate Pro. Find file /plugins/gurupayment/paypaypal.php and find this line there:
function jcsPPGetInfo($params, $post, $default){

Now place this code just below the line:
Save your work. That's it. Now payments in your Guru are integrated with your Post Affiliate Pro.
Do not forget to integrate your Joomla with the click tracking code so the integration could work.