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E-junkie integrates using IPN callback.
Note! This is description of integration with E-junkie if you use E-junkie buttons on your web pages.

Also, make sure you don't already use E-junkie IPN for another purpose, such as some kind of digital delivery or membership registration.

Activate Ejunkie integration plugin in PAP
Activate Ejunkie integration plugin in PAP

1. Go to PAP Merchant Panel
2. Go to Plugins -> Ejunkie IPN handling and click Activate
Configure url notification in Ejunkie Admin panel
Setup url notification in Ejunkie Admin panel

1. Go to Seller Admin -> Account Preferences
2. Set up http://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/plugins/Ejunkie/ejunkie.php as Common Notification URL.
Add integration code to E-junkie button codes
Add this code to EVERY E-junkie sale's page where your sales links are.
This will add cookie value to every link with id="p87t5d65s65" to property named custom.

In case you are using buttons instead of links, please use this line:
PostAffTracker.writeVisitorIdToAttribute('pap87t5d65s65', 'action','custom');

instead of this:
PostAffTracker.writeCookieToLink('p87t5d65s65', 'custom');

Links start with:
<a href="...

Buttons start with:
<form action="...
Change your button (link) codes
Change your button (link) codes by adding id attribute to it. If the code looks e.g. like this:
Add ID attribute to it (value p87t5d65s65) so the code looks like this:

<a id="p87t5d65s65" href="https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart&i=entrybasic&cl=103436&ejc=2" target="ej_ejc" class="ec_ejc_thkbx" onClick="javascript:return EJEJC_lc(this);"><img src="http://www.e-junkie.com/ej/ej_add_to_cart.gif" border="0" alt="Add to Cart"/></a>