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Integration with CRE Loaded is made by placing sale tracking script into the confirmation page. To obtain the values of OrderID and TotalSale, snippet connects to CRE Loaded database and retrieves the values from there.
Locate file checkout_success.php
Find and open file: checkout_success.php
Find correct place for integration in file
Inside file checkout_success.php find these lines: // load all enabled checkout success modules require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'checkout_success.php');
Insert code
Before these lines insert this code:
Locate template
Find and open file: /templates/content/checkout_success.tpl.php
Find correct place for integration
In this file find:
After this line insert this code:
You are ready
Your CRE Loaded shopping cart is integrated now. Every time customer enters the order confirmation page the tracking code is called and it will register a sale for referring affiliate. Note: Tested on CRE Loaded 6.2 Pro B2B 6.2.06