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Cart66 (WordPress shopping cart module)

This integration method integrates Cart66 (WordPress plugin) receipt page.
Sale tracking
The integration is pretty easy. The only step you have to take is to edit file wp-content/plugins/cart66/views/receipt.php and to find a line with this code:
if(Cart66Setting::getValue('enable_google_analytics') == 1 && $order->viewed == 0)

Now, copy the code below and paste it just above the mentioned line:
That's it. Save your changes. Now your system is integrated.
Per product tracking
In case you want to track your orders per product, please use this code instead:
Coupon tracking
In case you want to support coupon tracking, add this code to your sale tracking code:
If you want to use discount amount in your sale tracking code for something, you can use this variable:
Cart66 on Cloud
In case you have the cloud-based Cart66 then the integration is possible too. You won't be able to track per product orders, but still you can track order subtotal and order ID. Add the following HTML tracking code to your thank you page:
That's it. Save your work and you are done.
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