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This integration method integrates Post Affiliate Pro 4 with BigCommerce using the sale tracking code defined in BigCommerce admin panel and BigCommerce API.

It is possible to track subtotal cost, order ID, product SKUs (as product IDs) and a customer email (to support Lifetime commissions). You can configure a built-in BigCommerce API plugin to track per product or per transaction commissions.
Setting up the integration code
Login to your admin panel, navigate to Advanced settings> Affiliate Conversion Tracking and add this tracking code:
Save it and continue with the next step.

Do not worry if BigCommerce shows a popup notification like "No placeholders used" after you placed in the sale tracking code. The sale tracking code will work properly. The notification shows up because the tracking code does not use %%ORDER_AMOUNT%% variable.
Plugin setup
Final step is to activate your BigCommerce API plugin - you can find it in the Plugins section of your merchant panel. When activated, you have to configure the plugin. You will have to enter your store path and API details. All these can be found in your BigCommerce admin panel - navigate to Settings> Legacy API Settings and edit (or create) an account.
That's it... your system is now integrated.
For Post Affiliate Pro versions lower than
If you use Post Affiliate Pro version lower than, then the 'BigCommerceAPI' plugin is not available in your installation of Post Affiliate Pro. 

In that case either, use the following integration code in your BigCommerce admin panel at Advanced settings> Affiliate Conversion Tracking

OR send us an email to provide you with the 'BigCommerceAPI' plugin.
Do not forget to integrate your BigCommerce store pages with the click tracking code which you can find in Tools > Integration > Click tracking.

In older versions of BigCommerce you can add it in Store setup> Design> Edit HTML/CSS under your Current Theme and in the top section "Panels in Template" open footer.html. Add the code there at the bottom of the file and save it.

In newer versions of BigCommerce you can add it in Storefront Design > Design Options > Scripts > Footer field.

NOTE: BigCommerce does not support these file types to be uploaded to their servers:
In addidtion to the above list you are also unable to access the .htaccess file. Because of this, you cannot use our API or use Site Replication or Mod Rewrite links.

Issues and solutions

The affiliate-referred sale is not tracked though I've accomplished the integration

Possible solutions:
1. Make sure, that you used the integration code found in the merchant panel of Post Affiliate Pro (Network): 
Tools > Integration > Sale/lead tracking > from the drop-down menu choose "BigCommerce"

2. Make sure your installation of Post Affiliate Pro is available via HTTPS://
(all accounts hosted by us are available via HTTPS://)

3. Inside your BigCommerce panel click Store setup> Design> Edit HTML/CSS, look up the order.html file. In that file right above the last </div> tag, there must be this code: %%GLOBAL_ConversionCode%%


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