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Authorize.net SIM

This plugin integrates Authorize.net using Silent order post callback. It is suitable if you are using SIM integration method of Authorize.net.
Activate and configure plugin
First you must activate Authorize.net plugin from plugins list in PAP. When activated, click Configure button in plugin item. Here you can configure name of custom item used to transfer tracking information to PAP. This name is set to "custom" by default. If you are using field with this name, please specify another one. For example "custom_pap" or so.
Configure Authorize.net Silent order post
Login to your Authorize.net account. Now go menu> account> settings>Silent post URL. Here you have to specify the path to the plugin in your installation of Post Affiliate Pro. Use this URL please:
When you are done, click the Submit button.
Edit all your SIM forms
Now you must add to all your SIM forms one custom field like this:

<form action="authorizenet.php" method=post>
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_login' value='myLogin' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_amount' value='548' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_description' value='desc of my product' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_invoice_num' value='ic132458' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_fp_sequence' value='xyz' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_fp_timestamp' value='def' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_fp_hash' value='abc' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' name='x_show_form' value='PAYMENT_FORM' />
    <INPUT type='hidden' id='pap_dx8vc2s5' name='custom' value='' />

Note: name='custom' - custom means name you have specified in plugin configuration in step 1.

After that you have to add this code to your page (only once per page):

<script id="pap_x2s6df8d" src="http://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/scripts/notifysale.php" type="text/javascript">

Integration is now complete.


6 years ago Steve
Just wanted to make sure the id= id's on this example are the id's I am supposed to use. I see that the form id and the script id are different - is this the true id's I should be using?


6 years ago Marin Pullmann
Yes, IDs are different, but it is OK. Also you have to use just those IDs, not your custom ones... Do not change it please, otherwise it will not work properly.

Authorize.net Plug in

6 years ago Jeff jackson

I log in the control panel and I do not see the authorize.net plug in to activate. Also will I need a ssl certificate for use this. Also one form on my site. The new agents and the purchasers are the same people. So on the form is there something I need to do to set it up properly.


Plugin and SSL

6 years ago Martin Pullmann
The plugin is in Plugins section, its name is "Authorize.net Silent Order handling". You do not need to use an SSL certificate to make it work.

In case of any problems, please contact our Support Center at support@qualityunit.com

If my Authorize.net SIM integration using cURL.

4 years ago Raj Pawar
If my Authorize.net SIM integration using cURL.
That time I did not make use of form and input, we make use of one array variable and mention the names of all inputs.
So how can I add custom field as shown in step 3 of above?
I have to add that in array variable?
or anything else solution?

Re: Using cURL

4 years ago Martin Pullmann
If you are using an array and sending values over to Authorize.Net using cURL, you have to push the cookie value to the array.

Re: Using cURL

4 years ago Raj Pawar
First of all thank you for your reply.

I have done code as like here, you can have refference :

So now I have to add custom field as per guidlines as :

So what will be the step?
Where to put script tag?

Please help, I am stucked.

Re: Using cURL

4 years ago Martin Pullmann
You have to send get the custom value using the script mentioned in last paragraph of 3rd step and then push it to the array to be sent to Authorize.Net. You should use the custom value similarly to $data['credit_card_user_zip'] and other $data values...
If you need a help with integration please contact our support. This is not a place for solving someones issues. Thanks for understanding.