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This integration method is for Asp.net Shopping Cart - AspDotNetStorefront. The integration is done by editing Thank you page. It tracks commissions per order and supports Lifetime Commissions.
Find your thank you page (post order page) file at your server and add this code into it:
Integration will track total cost and order ID.

If you are using version 8.x you will need to create a topic called 'ConfirmationTracking' within the admin site, and paste tracking code in there.


7 years ago john
I am running ASPDotNetstorefront v7.1 ML (32 bit).

The check-out file in our installation is 'orderconfirmation.aspx' This total code on this page is, "<%@ Page language="c#" Inherits="AspDotNetStorefront.orderconfirmation" CodeFile="orderconfirmation.aspx.cs" %>"

To that end if I add this set of code, the page dosn't render upon check-out completion. Next the, "orderconfirmation.aspx.cs" page pure code, not HTML.

Where do you recommend I install your 'script'

Thank you,


Integration script goes to template

7 years ago Martin Pullmann, Q.U.
This code should go to template page... not the core file with a code.