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This integration method is for aMember versions lower than v4.

Integration with aMember uses a variation of General solution, it tracks sales by invoking hidden script from "thank you" page.
Put the following code to the aMember thanks.html page
Integration of recurring sales with PayPal
If you want to integrate aMember with PayPal recurring payments then follow these instructions. You will have to find the paypal_r.inc.php on your server /amember/plugins/payment/paypal_r

Insert next code right after this line:
function paypal_validate_ipn($vars){
Now find this line (2x times):      'custom'      => '', 
and change them to:                   'custom'      => $_COOKIE['PAPCookie_Sale'],

In case of version 4.4.x the variable is $_COOKIE['PAPVisitorId']

Notice, that your cookies must be available at the domain where amember in order to track sales.
Signup form integration
It's possible to integrate Amember in way, that every new user signup will create also affiliate account in your PAP in the same time. This integration is using our API, therefore it's necessary to upload PapApi.class.php into your Amember main folder. Then locate file signup.php (also in the main folder), open it in some text editor and add following code right after this line:

proceed_to_payment($payment_id, $member_id_exists);
This is all that is required. Now whenever there's sale, aMember will call our sale tracking script, and system will generate commission for the affiliate.

Not adding the Affiliate info

7 years ago Monica Lund
I am using amember and PAP. This code do not ad the new member from aMember as an affiliate in PAP.

Maybe update this code so it is correct and also include the personal info of the new member that is signing up through aMember ? I think thats the reason why most people use aMember along with PAP, to sell memberships.

The code adds a commission

7 years ago Martin Pullmann, Q.U.
This code just creates a commission! It should not add a new affiliate into PAP.

aMember | PAP4 Integration

7 years ago Alex Ochart
Amember has a plugin that can create a new pap affiliate acount for every new member automatically.

We are trying to implement this right now with the help of aMember and quality unity staff .

I will get back to you soon with the details.

Recurring Commissions?

7 years ago C Peterson
@ Alex: While this work is underway, is it also possible to establish recurring commissions from amember to PAP? It seems that most users of Amember are selling recurring memberships, so an affiliate integration should be capable of recurring commissions.

Recurring Commissions

7 years ago Alex Ochart
@ C Peterson. Yes... I agree this is my main reason for the integration of aMember/PAP4. We are still having problems but confident that will make it work. I will keep you post it.