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This is integration method for Pinnacle Cart.
Edit template
Open file: /content/skins/{your_skin}/completed.htm (This file can be edited via File Manager >> Skins Files in your shopping cart administration panel)
Add following code at the end of this file:
New version of Pinnacle Cart
For new version of Pinnacle Cart (3.x) you have to follow these instructions.

The sale tracking code has to be placed to Marketing> Google Tools> Conversion Tracking section. Use this sale tracking code, paste it below the Google code which is already there, or replace it in case you do not use it:
When you are done, activate Conversion Tracking Code.

You can also use these variables:
{$item.product_name|escape:"javascript"} for product name
{$item.catalog_name|escape:"javascript"} for category (or variation)
This is all that is required. Do not forget to integrate your site with the click tracking code as well.