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Please follow these steps to integrate with DL guard:
In DLGuard, the following code can be added into the "Extra Text/HTML Code" box on the Edit Product screen of their particular product.
It is now integrated.

Adding code to DLGuard download template

3 years ago Alan Tutt
It seems to me that it may be just as effective to place this code in the HTML template used by DLGuard, where it can serve for all products instead of placing it in each and every product definition.

Of course, by placing it in the template, all products would generate commissions for your affiliates unless you also implement product ID based commissions.

In other words, the approach described above is great if you want to give commissions for only some products, but if you want to give commissions on all products, then placing the integration code in the template might be a better approach.


6 months ago Fred
That is great, but where do I find that template in GL Guard.