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Shopping Carts from 3dCart are complete e-commerce storefront solutions for your new or existing web site. Easily build, edit, and maintain your online shop and collect orders without any programming or HTML knowledge!
This integration integrates template for 3DCart's thank you page.

NOTE: Your installation of Post Affiliate Pro(Network) must be available via HTTPS:// because the checkout happens in a secured page.
Add sale tracking code
Go to Settings> Design> Themes & Styles> Under More button choose Edit Template (HTML) and edit file "checkout-step4.html" to add following code to the very end:
If you need to add more information in sale tracking code, please refer to this guide on 3DCart: http://www.3dcart.com/guide/

To utilize the Coupons feature add right under sale.setOrderID('[invoice-prefix][invoice-number]'); the following:
Product ID matching
If you want to track per product commissions, you have to use this integration code instead of the above one. The instructions are almost the same - edit the same file checkout-step4.html and add this code to the first line of the file:

<!-- PAP Integration snippet - part1 -->
<input type="hidden" id="itemNums" value="0">

<script id="pap_x2s6df8d" src="https://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/scripts/trackjs.js"></script>

<!-- checking if any discount (not gift certificate!) has been applied -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var discount = '[discounts]';
var splitDiscount = discount.split('$');
if (splitDiscount[1]>0) {
var numberDiscount = splitDiscount[1];
<!-- /PAP Integration snippet - part1 -->
Now find this line <!--START: items--> and add this code below it:

<!-- PAP Integration snippet - part2 -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var i = document.getElementById('itemNums').value;
var iIncremented = ++i;

var NumberOfPurchasedUniqueItems = document.getElementById('itemNums').value;

var sale = PostAffTracker.createSale();

if (typeof numberDiscount != 'undefined') {
var discountPerItem = numberDiscount / NumberOfPurchasedUniqueItems;
var subTotal = '[subtotal]';
var splitSubTotal = subTotal.split('$');
sale.setTotalCost(splitSubTotal[1] - discountPerItem);
} else {

}, 3000);
<!-- /PAP Integration snippet - part2 -->

The application will use product IDs defined in your 3DCart so you can easily check each product ID in Products > View
Lifetime commissions
Tip: If you wish to utilize Lifetime Commissions, then in the checkout-step4.html file find the following line:
<td class="item">[oemail]</td>

and right below that line add this code:
The last step is to add this line into the sale tracking code:

3dCart Integration

1 years ago todd
The instructions for 3dCart have this at the very bottom of the page: The last step is to add this line to the sale tracking code:

Is this for all sections 1, 2, 3 and 4, or just for section 4 (Lifetime commissions)? If it is for all 4 sections, what sale tracking code is this supposed to be added to?

Lifetime commissions

1 years ago Martin
Hi Todd,

The Lifetime Commissions section (step 4) can be applied to your sale tracking, no matter if you track per order or per product... However you can only use the line:
after inserting the special code with line:
var customerEmail = '[oemail]';
to the specified place in the page code. Just follow all the instruction in the step 4.