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Integration with 1ShoppingCart is made by placing sale tracking script into the thank you page.
Edit your thank you page
In case you are using the built-in thank you page, please continue to step 4.

1ShoppingCart allows you to have your own custom thank you page. To set it up, navigate to Setup > Orders and set the "Thank You URL" field to the full URL address leading to your custom url page.

http://www.domain.com/thankyou/ will not work
http://www.domain.com/thankyou/index.php does work

Sale tracking
Put the following code (in case that your page is in PHP) right before row with text </body> (or somewhere at the end of page body).
Per product tracking
Put the following code (in case that your thank you page is in PHP) right before line with text &lt;/body&gt;
If you want to track product ID as SKU numbers, you can call it as $_POST['sku'.$j]

If you want to track customer email (for lifetime commissions) you can use $_POST['email1']
Recurring commissions tracking
Using 1ShoppingCart notifications it is possible to track recurring commissions as well. To do so, you have to activate the 1ShoppingCart plugin in your Post Affiliate Pro and then set this URL in your 1ShoppingCart admin panel:
Do not forget to configure the plugin based on your 1ShoppingCart API details.
Integration of built in Thank you page
In case you use the built-in Thank You page, you have to use Third-Party Integrations section (Setup> Third-Party Integrations) which allows you to insert a custom code to the Thank You page. Just copy the following code and use it in HTML Body Section Bottom:
Save your work and you are done.
It is now integrated. Every time customer enters the order confirmation page, the tracking code is called, and it will register a sale for referring affiliate.

Do not forget to integrate your site with the click tracking code.

What about product returns/refunds and chargebacks.

7 years ago Amit
What about product returns/refunds and chargebacks? Do you still end up paying the affiliate for a product that has be refunded?

Or does PAP offer a more reasonable solution?


6 years ago Viktor Zeman
PAP supports refunds and charge-backs.
If you will want to automate refunds, you will need to call from shopping card request through our API and refund transactions related to specific order.
In our knowledgebase we have examples how to do it.

Where to add on a WordPress page?

5 years ago WordPress Plugins
Can this code be added into the content area of a WordPress page? I assume it should not be added into the footer or it will be activated on every page unless a line can be added to the code to only execute if the page ID of the page is that of the Thank You page?

What about authorize.net recurring billing

3 years ago TJ Marrs
I want to use PAP4 with my Authprize.net automatic recurring billing. How is that set up? I get how to add code to a thank you page for a single purchase, but what about recurring orders?

Recurring billing

2 years ago Martin
I am sorry but recurring commission are not supported by 1ShoppingCart. You will have to use the Recurring Commission feature in PAP and manually stop recurring commissions for stopped payments.